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Small recyclable products

Collection of household products for the recycling of raw materials

In practice


Different fractions

For recycling valuable raw materials

Household equipment and products often contain valuable materials which can be recycled. Reusing these raw materials reduces the environmental impact. Our collection receptacles are a great way to put your eco-friendly policy into practice, and allow you easily to collect lamps, batteries and small household devices from your customers.



User-friendly collection receptacles in your house style

Legislation and regulations stipulate that you as retailer are obliged to install a collection point for the recyclable products that you sell. Therefore, it's important that the collection point is easy to find, fits well in your shop's interior and, above all, is user-friendly. Are you dependent on a container for your recycling collection? Then we can also convert it entirely to your specifications. That way, your collection point will always look well maintained.


All shop sizes

A collection point which fits within your shop

We have the right solution for every shop. If floor space is limited we will build upwards, and in more spacious shops we can create comprehensive collection facilities. Will you need to move the collection receptacles in the future? No problem, we'll fit wheels underneath each one.

Customized is our standard

A suitable solution for every situation

Choose the composition of your waste collection receptacle yourself

Also for the collection of, for example, ink cartridges, frying fat, clothing, paint or tools

We will take care of the design, the production and the distribution for you

Not only in shops, but also suitable for wholesalers and semi-public spaces, for example

We work together with Wecycle, Lightrec and Stibat


We work according to the standards below



Safe operation according to European standards

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