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Environmentally aware

Working together towards a clean (work)environment

Waste is a valuable source of raw materials. For the sake of the environment, it is important to encourage the reuse of suitable materials. If we help people to make a conscious choice at the point that they discard their waste, this enhances the efficiency of the process. Not only at home, but also in the work place and in the canteen. To facilitate this, VConsyst has developed the E-Coo waste bins, suitable for waste separation in semi-public locations.



Tailored to your preferences

Collection points which look smart and well maintained encourage people to separate their refuse. Our robust receptacles are simple to use, because all the waste fractions have their own icon next to the text. You decide which fractions you wish to include: paper, plastic, organic, metal and drinks packaging and/or general waste.



In application and in use

Clearly, it's nice if the receptacle matches your organization's house style. Therefore, you choose the colour and the labelling. Next to the different formats, various add-ons are available such as a seal for organic waste, a tube especially for cups, and wheels to make the receptacle movable. If, after a time, it is clear that a particular compartment could be better used for a different purpose, this can easily be changed.

Customized is our standard

A suitable solution for every situation

Choose the look of your collection receptacle yourself

You can choose from diverse formats and fractions

The texts, colours and icons make the receptacles easy to use

Design, production and distribution: we will take care of the entire process, from start to finish


We work according to the standards below



Safe operation according to European standards

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