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Steel components in civil engineering projects

Treated metal as fundamental support or protective construction

In practice


Steel reinforcement struts

Always custom made

Steel reinforcements make your construction stronger. These struts are made from sheet steel or composites. The precise shape of the struts is achieved through rolling, cutting, setting and welding of the steel.

Hatches and coverings

Visibly protected

In and around hydraulic engineering constructions, the effective covering of maintenance spaces is essential for everyone's safety. Specifically for this purpose, we produce hatches and coverings in any form. These close off the space when access isn't required. If desired, the hatches can also be made to dampen noise and to keep unpleasant odours inside the construction.

Steel culverts

To connect bodies of water

We produce steel culverts for connecting different bodies of water. These ensure the continuous throughflow of the water. All our culverts are entirely custom made for your specific situation.

Customized is our standard

We use steel, aluminium or stainless steel, depending on your requirements

Steel is strong; we can galvanize and coat

Stainless steel lends itself to applications in and around water and retains its colour

Aluminium weighs little, can be given a colour protective layer (anodization) and can be reinforced if desired.


We work according to the standards below


GSB internationally approved coated steel

Quality certificate for coats



Safe operation according to European standards


NEN-EN 1090-1

Quality mark for public constructions



Quality certificate for galvanization

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